Cold Beverages

Discover our range of refreshing ice cold beverages, exactly what you need on a hot summer day to beat the heat and chill out. The flavors are absolutely exquisite and the rich and creamy texture will surely make you forget all about calories.  

Blue Salt Lemonade 340
Brownie Coffee Shake 450
Cold Coffee 390
Fresh Juice-Seasonal 320
Fresh Lime 185
Ginger Ale 255
Green Apple Ice 370
Iced Caramel Macchiato 420
Iced Mocha 420
Iced Tea Lemon 260
Iced Tea Peach 260
Kiwi Ice 370
Mineral Water Large 140
Mineral Water Small 95
Mint Lemonade 280
Passion Fruit Ice 410
Peach Ice 370
Perrier 285
Pina Colada 330
Shikanjabeen 290
Soft Drinks 130
Strawberry & Ginger Lemonade 370
Tropical Pine Apple Smoothie 370