Delightful Desserts

Our decadent desserts are the best way to treat yourself after a delicious meal. Indulge yourself with our desserts ranging from Chocolate obsession to mouth watering Double and Triple Chocolate chip cookie.

Belgian Chocolate Tart with Salted Caramel 390
Chocolate Cheese Cake Cookie 530
Chocolate Lave Cake with Your Choice of Gelato 495
Chocolate Malt Cake-Slice 320
Chocolate Obsession 495
Creme Brulee 295
Double Chocolate Chip Cookie 510
Gooey Gateau 410
Italian Break Pudding With Vanilla Gelato 395
Red Velvet Cake-Slice 320
Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie 490

Freshly Baked Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookie 445
Peanut Butter Cookie 520

Coppa Gelati &  Gelato

Classic Gelato 150 1,100
Coppa Alla Frutta 595
Coppa D’amore 420
Coppa Romana 610
Coppa Solo 285
Coppa Tropicale 480
Coppa Veneta 450